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CeilingLink® is not currently sold in retail stores. We sell by direct shipment--which saves you retailer markup, and the trouble of picking up and transporting product from the retailer.

No need to order sq ft bundles, as sold by our competitors.

You can order directly from our inventory using our PayPal shopping cart. You don't need a PayPal account to use the cart.  Why PayPal?  You also can order over the phone.

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info@kensa.com             CeilingLink Calculator


SHIPPING NOTE: On Jan 22, 2018 FedEx (our primary shipper) and UPS added an $80 surcharge
and a 90 lb minimum weight charge for packages longer than 96" (the previous limit was 108").
Our packaging is 97.5" for the 96" standard lengths of our CeilingLink grid system.

We've been able to negotiate a significant reduction to the now $120 surcharge, but not the 90 lb minimum,
which triples the base rate before other surcharges for fuel, and residential or remote area delivery.

So we're holding our flat shipping charge at $35--below our cost (we charged $20 for over 12 yrs).
And we're still shipping 96" lengths, unlike one of our competitors who now ships 95" lengths.
For smaller orders--less than 18 lengths, sent by USPS Priority Mail--we'll refund $15 of the $35.

Estimated shipping time to US lower 48 states:
1 - 5 days from our Chicago area warehouse.

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NOTE:  Ceiling panels not included (available at your local building supply).

Most orders are shipped the same or next day (except weekends) by USPS Priority
or FedEx Ground to residential (no signature required) or commercial locations.

  White CeilingLink at $5.00 per 8-foot length...

  White L-Channel at $4.00 per 8-foot length......

  White C-Channel at $4.50 per 8-foot length......
  C-Channel, like L-Channel, is another option for the perimeter.
  Black CeilingLink at $5.50 per 8-foot length.....

  Black L-Channel at $4.50 per 8-foot length.......

  Black C-Channel at $5.00 per 8-foot length.......
  C-Channel, like L-Channel, is another option for the perimeter.
  1-inch drywall screws at $2.00 per 100...............

  1 5/8-inch drywall screws at $2.50 per 100.........

  Samples at $5 for 1-ft lengths incl shipping.......
  Two white CeilingLink and one L-Channel 1-foot lengths.
  Samples at $5.50 for 1-ft lengths incl shipping...
  Two black CeilingLink and one L-Channel 1-foot lengths.
  Samples at $25 for 4-ft lengths incl shipping......
  Three white CeilingLink and four L-Channel 4-foot lengths.
  Tile recess cutter at $10.00 incl shipping............
  For cutting recessed edges on border recessed (non-flat) tiles.
  Ratchet anvil cutter at $15.00 incl shipping........
  Best of the lot, lifetime warranty, compare elsewhere at $14 - $20.

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