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What to Order
Ordering is simple: CeilingLink® is sold in 8-foot lengths, and is used for the top track, bottom runner, and cross tees. Two lengths are required for the top track and bottom runner assembly. Cross tees are cut to size from single lengths.

L-Channel or C-Channel also are sold in 8-foot lengths, and are used for the perimeter. C-Channel may be attached to the horizontal surface above--unlike L-Channel--so C-Channel is useful around stairwell openings or against concrete walls.

CeilingLink is shipped by FedEx or UPS Ground (no signature required for residential deliveries); estimated shipping time is 1 to 5 days to most domestic USA locations from our Chicago area location. We also ship to Canada for an additional charge; call or email for a quote.

CeilingLink Order Page      CeilingLink Calculator

Use our handy CeilingLink Calculator to determine how many lengths of CeilingLink and L-Channel or C-Channel to order based on room length and width dimensions. The Calculator figures material for the complete grid system, including top track, bottom runner, cross tees (only bottoms are used), and perimeter; and it also calculates square footage, weights, prices, and the number of drywall screws required for your order.

No need to order sq ft bundles--which add to your waste--as sold by our competitors.

If you have more than one room, use the Calculator for each room and add the results. If you need help estimating for your project, send us a drawing (email) and we'll be happy to help with an estimate.


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