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Reviews from our customers:

Received order last week to try in a small area. The BEST!!! I've done 3 rooms with wire hanging and it sucked. I'm telling my contractor about your product!! Thanks!
    --Ward K, Nebraska

Received the order last week for a basement bathroom project - What a great product! Extremely easy to install with excellent results! Your product is so much superior to what Home Depot or Lowes has to offer.
    --Tom W, Ohio

Everything went fine. I already got half of it hung already. Love the stuff. Thanks so much. I'll be doing my best to tell my friends about your product.
    --Anthony C, New Jersey

Unbelievable! Ordered Tuesday afternoon. Received 9:15AM on Wednesday.
    --Leroy R, Michigan

I do love your product - and your time estimate was correct. I didn't rush and I am pleased with the results. You were right - the product is forgiving - I had a few obstacles to work around (including duct work that wasn't quite tucked inside the joists) and overall it came out as I expected.
    --Jenni S, Ohio

CeilingLink was really easy to work with--and most importantly, it was very forgiving of my uneven joist heights. I am thrilled that I didn't have to lose more than an inch of height. Thanks again for your excellent customer support.
    --Gregg M, Pennsylvania

I finished installing the ceiling in my family room and I am very happy with the results. I found that your product was easier to install than the grid system that is carried by Home Depot and Lowe's. I have installed theirs, yours and the regular suspended system in my basement and CeilingLink was the easiest to do.
    --Jim M, Ohio

Your system was easier to use compared to CeilingMAX and looks just as good. The cross tee engineering with CeilingMAX is not forgiving and if you are off by a small amount the tee's won't fit into the groove.
    --John S, Pennsylvania

I have had CeilingLink installed for over a year and still love this product. Easy to install and saved a lot of height in my short basement. And service was great as well.
    --Josh B, Iowa

I really like working with your product. Your stuff is nice because you can adjust the height to take care of all the sloppy cutting of joists at the mill. Thanks again for your help and good customer service.
    --Craig P, North Dakota

Let me take this opportunity to tell you how much I like your product. The ceiling went up quickly and easily. I found it to be much better than the hanging wire system. Thanks very much.
    --Ken W, Pennsylvania

I want to congratulate your firm on the order I purchased in July. The material quantity was perfect. I did a room that was 13 ft. x 39 ft. The waste was so minimal, and when finished I have 2 pcs approx. 15 in. long left over. Your calculator on the web page works fantastic.
    --Randy S, Wisconsin

Overall I am very pleased with the design & quality of the product and the installation process & results. If I (or someone I know) were to do another ceiling I would definitely use your product again (or recommend it).
    --Jim S, Pennsylvania

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